Home alone with a chocolate bunny…

I’m alone in the house with a chocolate bunny. The only things stopping me from ripping off the golden paper and sinking my teeth into its sublime, chocolaty ears are: 1. I’m scared I wouldn’t be able to stop at the ears and 2. where could I hide a headless/bodyless bunny – or worse – a lone pair of chocolate bunny feet from judging eyes?

Yes the time is almost upon us. The time when the house will be full of chocolate, squirrelled away in hiding places that are way too easy to find, its unsettling presence hard to ignore: Easter. And whether Easter for you is a time of religious celebration, a much-needed long holiday weekend or simply the excuse you’ve been waiting for to indulge in a limitless chocolate-fest, one thing’s for sure: some of us will come out the other side feeling a whole lot better and some of us will be feeling a whole lot worse.

If you’ve spent Lent without a drop of alcohol/chocolate/sugar – or whatever other favourite thing you have given up for 40 days – in your mind, Easter Sunday is set to be a chocolate-filled, alcohol-fuelled, sugar-high day of great jollity. In reality, come the time, salivating and chomping at the bit for that first sip of alcohol denied for so long, you’ll be giggling inanely at the first whiff of fumes from the bottle and before you’re two-thirds down your first drink, will be three sheets to the wind.

The chances are, in the face of all that temptation, you will over-indulge. And for those of us who are losing weight, Easter can be particularly difficult to negotiate. So what survival tactics can you put in place and if you can’t run the gauntlet without tripping up, how do you bounce back to being in control?

Real people like nice things. Be kind to yourself. Not so kind that you gorge your way through the long weekend in a haze of Green & Black’s and pink fizz, but kind enough to know that a little of what you fancy does you good.

If one too many glasses of pink fizz means you end up having five too many bites of your chocolate egg, don’t despair. Take back control. Try factoring in the nice stuff to your calorie count, reduce your calorie intake for the next few days and move more. Make a commitment to plan out healthy, lower calorie meals and up your exercise for the next week – you never know you may grow to like it!

Tell those pesky demons to get lost. You know the ones that are shouting at you that you’ve blown it, you may as well give up because you’ve fallen at the first hurdle, you’ll never lose weight, you’re too old/fat/weak. Repeat after me: “GET LOST” – or stronger if you feel like it and there’s no-one around to hear you shouting profanities at yourself in the mirror.

Lastly, get back on the horse. In real life you’ll meet obstacles. It’s not the obstacles that will derail you, but how you deal with them. It’s easy to fall of the horse. The hard bit is being brave enough to get back on when you’ve bruised your bum (or put on four pounds).

We are privileged to have an opportunity to enjoy ourselves over the holiday weekend, and whatever your thing is, you deserve to seize the chance to do what you love and enjoy it. Me? I’ll be scouting Tesco for a replacement chocolate bunny and breathing pink fizz fumes over all who come near!



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